To the 2019 Melbourne International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses


What a wonderful three days we’ve been able to spend together in association and spiritual instruction! We thank the 10,500 volunteers for their support during the convention to help make it a wonderful experience for our delegates. We are sure this will be a milestone in our theocratic history.

Some families have indicated that they will be enjoying a review of the main points from the convention during their family worship. Perhaps you may find opportunities to meditate on your own highlights from the program. We appreciate the efforts of all those who travelled to attend our convention, and pray you arrive safely at your destination.


The Lost and Found Department is available on 0400 390 438 or email am.found@2019mic.org.

Due to the amount of items collected please provide a detailed description of the item, include any photo you may have, along with where you think you lost it – e.g. Marvel Stadium Level 1, aisle 44, Friday.

Items that have been handed in to Lost and Found can be picked up by arrangement only or can be mailed at the owners expense.