A United Spirit

With an anticipated attendance of 50,000, there is a real need for brothers to take the lead in departments such as Attendants, Cleaning, Accounts, Safety and Lost & Found. Brothers in South Australia have been assigned to care for these responsibilities on Level 2, while NSW will be caring for Level 3. Level 1, as well as all other departments, will be looked after by the Victorian brothers. 

During December 2018, meetings were held in Sydney and Adelaide for brothers involved in convention organisation. Many brothers traveled several hours to attend the meetings, sacrificing their time and resources in doing so. The positive and willing spirit of these ones was clearly evident as planning began for their various assignments. Brothers were given an update on how each department would be coordinated, ensuring consistency and cooperation between each level of Marvel Stadium.

These meetings were a real life example of the unity that exists among God’s people. We thank Jehovah for the hard work our brothers are doing to ensure the 2019 Love Never Fails convention takes place ‘decently and by arrangement’, bringing glory to Jehovah’s name. — 1 Cor. 14:40.