Accommodation – Why Can’t I Book Now? – Rooming Questions Answered.

Why do I have to wait to book my accommodation?

We may feel that we can get a better price by booking our accommodation ourselves on booking websites. The white board animation explains why we have been asked to wait until the Recommended Lodging List has been released before booking our accommodation. So, we invite you to watch the following Whiteboard Animation.

Can I book accommodation not listed on the Rooming Website?

No, even if you can find less expensive accommodation elsewhere. The properties not listed on the rooming website have not been willing to provide reasonable fixed rates for the convention. The properties that are listed on the Recommended Lodging List have been prepared to cooperate with our rooming arrangement and rates have been negotiated in anticipation of a specific number of rooms being filled.

Is there any accommodation I can book now?

For accommodation such as hotels, motels, and serviced apartments, we ask you to please wait for the Recommended Lodging List to be released. However, if you wish to make an accommodation booking for a short-term rental (such as through Stayz, AirBnB etc.), or at a caravan park – either cabins or caravan/camping sites – you may do so now, as our brothers will not be making arrangements with these properties.

You can also make any private arrangements with local publishers and family.

We warmly thank you for your cooperation – it does not go unnoticed by our hardworking brothers and most importantly by Jehovah God. May Jehovah bless your plans to attend the 2019 International Convention, and we look forward to seeing you in Melbourne in November.