Behind The Scenes – Chapter 1

The Convention Committee

The Convention Committee (CC) is made up of three brothers appointed by the branch. An assistant is assigned to each member of the committee. These brothers started their work in late 2017, making this a two-year project in all.

The Convention Committee & Assistants

The Convention Committee Coordinator chairs meetings and oversees a number of departments including Attendants, Accounts, Cleaning, Parking, Safety and First Aid. The latter has been contracted to St John Ambulance, who will manage all health matters at the venue.

For this event he had the added role of negotiating the contract with the venue management. He represents the committee in handling facility-related matters that are included in the contract. For example, Marvel Stadium had certain conditions for us to use the venue, such as arranging for Workplace Health and Safety requirements to be met. This has also been contracted to an outside firm that had experience with our event in 2014.

The Program Overseer also serves on the committee and he ensures that the program is presented in a way that will reach all those attending. He oversees the Audio/Video, Platform and Baptism departments. He also works closely with the Convention Chairman.

For this event he has the added role of caring for Archiving, a team of brothers who will make a permanent record of the convention for the branch’s records.

The Rooming Overseer is the third member of the committee. As his name suggests, he is heavily involved with the accommodation side of things as well as overseeing five other departments: Information, Volunteer, Installation, Lost & Found, and Trucking & Equipment. He ensures that the Recommended Lodging List is available for all delegates.

For this convention much work has been done in providing accommodation for the 30,000 interstate delegates as well as the 6,500 international delegates and Special Full Time Servants. This involved a team of trained brothers and sisters who contacted hotels and other rooming providers, inspected all rooms, negotiated pricing and drew up contracts with these hotels. They also answer the many enquiries from local and international delegates about rooming.

The Convention Committee Assistants are capable brothers who have experience in convention organisation and who assist each committee member to fulfil his role. They attend all committee meetings and liaise with departments to ensure that the committee’s direction is clear and is carried out.

Department Overseers are capable brothers assigned by the CC to oversee the departments required at the convention. Each department has an overseer and two or more Department Overseer Assistants who then assign Key Men to work with them to ensure the smooth running of their department. Future articles on the website will give information on what these brothers have had to do to prepare for this memorable convention.

Currently the CC meets fortnightly at a Kingdom Hall where most of the day is spent discussing arrangements for the convention and answering questions presented by the various department overseers. A number of websites have been set up to facilitate the dispensing of information to departments and to delegates, such as this website. 

Several visits to the facility have been arranged for discussions with venue management and for department personnel to familiarise themselves with their areas of operation. Meetings have also been set up with city council officials, public transport administrators and the Melbourne Convention Bureau. 

These brothers deem it a privilege to be so heavily involved in this historic event. They have felt their faith being strengthened as they see Jehovah’s hand in all these arrangements and to experience his blessing in their personal and family life.