Behind The Scenes – Chapter 10

The Cleaning Department

Welcome to the Cleaning Department for the Melbourne International Convention at Marvel Stadium 2019!

The Cleaning Department is responsible for making sure the stadium is clean for ALL of our guests; from the moment they arrive, during the convention, and making sure the stadium is handed back clean on Monday morning! Currently there are around 3,200 volunteers logged into the volunteer database; so many to look after and organise!

How is the department organised?

The Department has an Overseer and four Assistant Overseers. Each of the Overseers works with Team Leaders and Assistants, who in turn look to Keymen and Congregation Cleaning Coordinators to get things organised at a congregation level.

While much of the more tedious work (such as toilet cleaning) is being reserved for our Victorian brothers, we are also being given much support from our hard-working brothers and sisters from South Australia & New South Wales! State Liaison Teams have recruited volunteers from these states to assist with the cleaning of Levels 2 & 3.

When did your work begin?

With such a large task ahead of us, work began in November 2018 when the Cleaning committee met to get the ball rolling. A full day’s work ensued, as the team reviewed the experiences of the International Convention in 2014 and looked for ways to improve how things could be done this time around. At this meeting, many of the team leaders, assistants and keymen were chosen; brothers who had the spiritual qualities needed to ensure that each assignment would be well cared for.

Who are the CCCs?

These are the Congregation Cleaning Coordinators. Each congregation in the Greater Melbourne area has assigned a brother to coordinate some cleaning work during the three days of the convention. At this point, there are 143 Victorian congregations looking after 113 assignments, from the basement storerooms to the Parents & Babies Rooms!

The Cleaning Coordinators for these congregations have all received a ‘CCC Pack’ which identifies the congregation assignment, the location of the work, and the details of what the assignment involves. A LOT of work has gone into the preparation of these packs. It’s surprising how much can be written about cleaning!

What training has been given?

To help the team leaders, assistants and keymen to understand their role more fully, we’ve been able to run a couple of tours of the stadium with these brothers, helping them to visualise their assignment and become more familiar with the venue. 

Here are some typical comments from the Stadium training days.

“It was a really informative day. Training was good and it was good to know what was required. Thanks for organising it and for all the work behind the scenes that you guys had to do.”

“It was very important. Thank you so much. This was just what was needed to clarify all the issues and what I’m supposed to do.”

Quite a number of our brothers from South Australia, New South Wales and from Country Victoria have attended these walk-throughs, which has involved a sacrifice of time, energy and material resources. We are so thankful to have friends with such a beautiful spirit, willing to work hard on behalf of our brothers and sisters.

How can I help?

The countdown is on until November 22nd. There’s still a lot to do, but we’re confident that with Jehovah’s blessing all will go well. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that a certain rock ‘super-group’ didn’t sell out the weekend before we arrive — meaning that we can get into the stadium on the Sunday before to do the main clean. We hope that you can come along and help!

We’re also planning a final clean on the Thursday before the convention, so if you’re visiting from interstate, or from overseas, or even if you’re a local — you’re welcome to drop in and lend a hand. Similarly, if you’re around on the Monday after and can spare a couple of hours to help us do a hand-over clean, that would be a great help also. Let your Congregation Cleaning Coordinator know if you can help!