Behind The Scenes – Chapter 11

The Volunteer Department

Who are we & what do we do?

The Volunteer Department consists of one Overseer and two Assistants. Each of us look after specific departments in the convention organisation.

As all departments have done their own recruiting, our role is not what a volunteer department has traditionally done in the past.  So, what do we do, we hear you ask? We have several brothers and sisters who are helping the departments with the setup and use of the Volunteer app and to enter and manage their volunteers.

We have recruited brothers and sisters that are able to fill a need for volunteers during the convention.

Of what does our work consist?


Our work started over a year ago. Here is a list of our Department’s responsibilities:

  • Helping the Convention Committee with the development of the Volunteer app
  • Helping volunteers accessing the app
  • Helping all those who have volunteered to have an account in the Volunteer app and ensure that they complete their venue induction prior to the convention
  • Working along with the Help Desk in resolving problems that brothers and sisters have with the app
  • Running regular departmental reports to see how many have yet to activate their accounts, after which we send out reminders

The week of the Convention

As there will be a thorough clean of Marvel Stadium on Sunday 17th November, the Volunteer department will be on-site to help those who have not ‘officially’ volunteered with entering their details in the app as well as completing their induction prior to working.

The same will apply on the Wednesday and Thursday of the convention week.

During the Convention

Direct those wishing to volunteer during the convention to departments in need of assistance.

After the Convention

Continue serving Jehovah faithfully!