Behind The Scenes – Chapter 14

The Safety Department

In imitation of Jehovah, we have a high respect for life. Ensuring the health & safety of our fellow brothers and sisters when attending any theocratic event is a primary concern.

Therefore, well over one year ago, three brothers were assigned to oversee the Safety department. Since then, over 120 volunteers have been selected to assist in caring for the safety of all delegates attending the 2019 Love Never Fails International Convention in Melbourne.

These diligent and observant volunteers will be keeping a close eye out for any potential hazards and immediately alert appropriate departments should action be required. The willingness of these faithful volunteers to sacrifice their time and energies is much appreciated. It is truly an expression of love.

What can we do to assist the Safety team? Please be sure to inform one of the Attendants if you spot anything that is, or may become a danger. As the expression goes: “if you see something, say something!” In this way all of us can have a share in ensuring our convention remains a safe environment for all in attendance.