Behind The Scenes – Chapter 3

The Attendant Department

You will see us at Southern Cross Station giving loving direction. You will be greeted with a smile at entrances all around Marvel Stadium. You will be assisted in finding a seat with care. Who are we? We are the 2000+ Attendants!

So what can we tell you about the Attendant Department?

The Attendant Department is one of the larger departments, with over 1,200 volunteers so far and growing. Our Department works under the direction of the Convention Committee (CC), specifically the Convention Committee Coordinator.

As a larger department, much oversight is needed. As a result, our structure is made up of a Department Overseer with four Assistant Overseers. Each Overseer works closely with a number of Team Leaders and Assistants. In turn the Team Leaders have a number of Keymen under their oversight. The Keymen recruit teams of spiritually capable men who serve as Attendants.

The Attendant Overseers

Whilst we here in the State of Victoria have oversight of the entire Attendant Department, Marvel Stadium is a large venue. We have thereby been lovingly assisted by our hard working and diligent Brothers in South Australia who are providing Attendants for Level 2 and New South Wales caring for Level 3.

This leaves Victoria with the responsibility of providing Attendants for Level 1, the Basement areas, the External Concourse and Southern Cross Station. The station management have requested a greater level of presence from the Attendant Department based on the work done in the 2014 Melbourne International Convention.

What is the role of the Attendant Department?

Each Attendant has the responsibility of:

  • Welcoming attendees as they arrive
  • Distributing programs and providing directions and department location information
  • Assisting the elderly, the disabled, and those with small children to seating locations and on stairs and lifts
  • Helping individuals to locate seats
  • Taking a count of those in attendance
  • Providing a measure of crowd control inside and immediately outside the venue as well as at Southern Cross Station
  • Monitoring escalators, lifts and stairs
  • Assisting in cases of emergency.

What has been accomplished so far?

Beginning late last year, we have had numerous meetings assigning spiritually qualified men to our department structure. This is to ensure that every part of the venue and Southern Cross Station is well looked after. This has involved constant communication and meetings with the CC, each other, the Liaisons from interstate as well as public transport officials.

Marvel Stadium has also generously allowed for a number of walk-throughs of the venue which has been helpful in our preparation and organisation as a department.

Whilst all of this work behind the scenes has required much time and energy, our faith has been strengthened. We have experienced Jehovah’s blessing firsthand on matters of organisation. We have developed close friendships and experienced true Christian love in action. At the same time our hard work has been balanced with much fun, food and banter. The memories of these experiences will be cherished forever!

Above all, we feel privileged as a department to be used by our Grand Instructor, Jehovah. Ensuring that every individual that attends will feel safe, secure and get the most out of this wonderful historical event will ultimately be to Jehovah’s praise!

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2019 “Love Never Fails”! International Convention in Melbourne.