Behind The Scenes – Chapter 4

The Installation Department

The Installation Department works behind the scenes in the setup and pack up of the stadium for the convention. As the name suggests, the team is responsible for the installation of items needed for the 3-day convention, and then swing back into action to remove these items at the conclusion of the session on Sunday.

The department is made up of several small teams totaling about 50 volunteers overseen by the Department overseer and his two assistants.

What particular tasks are handled by the Installation Department?

After items are brought into the stadium by the Trucking Department, we take these to the required location and assemble as necessary for use by other departments.

Some of the main items to be installed are:

  • Baptism pools
  • Baptism change cubicles
  • Parents and Babies facilities

What has been accomplished so far?

Back in April, volunteers were sought for the various tasks to be undertaken. In gathering these we have seen a real willing spirit to assist. Many of these volunteers are already involved in other departments during the program as well as in hospitality assignments before and after the convention.

As a team we are in excited anticipation for the opportunity to work together in behalf of all who will be attending the Melbourne International Convention.