Behind The Scenes – Chapter 5

The Information Department

Do you want to locate a specific department while at Marvel Stadium? Where can you find a nearby pharmacy? Where is the nearest taxi rank? Are there any restaurants near where you are staying that are open for dinner? The Information Department can assist you with all the above questions. 

Where can you find the Information Department?

In addition to information kiosks located on each level of the stadium, there will be clearly identifiable Information Department volunteers who will be roving at the entry gates and throughout the convention venue. Printed brochures and stadium maps will be available from these volunteers to assist convention delegates.

Who make up the Information Department?

Since August 2018 the Information Department has been recruiting and training volunteers and now has over 250 willing brothers and sisters to assist convention delegates with their many questions. This department operates under the direction of the Rooming Overseer of the Convention Committee and is made up of an Overseer and two Assistants. The department is organized with key men caring for groups of volunteers.

What’s next?

While there is still much work to do in training volunteers to work in the Information Department, the willingness of the hard-working brothers and sisters is evident. They are all ready and eager to do their very best in carrying out their assignments. How heartwarming it is to see the self-sacrificing spirit the volunteers are showing in order to contribute to this historic occasion.

With confidence in Jehovah and his organization, the Information Department looks forward with great anticipation and excitement as the Melbourne International Convention draws near. Indeed, they deem it a privilege to sacrifice their time and energy for Jehovah, trusting that the love and hospitality shown to all who attend will contribute to an experience that will be remembered for many years to come.

The entire team that makes up the Information Department is ready to serve in the spirit of love because Love Never Fails!