Behind The Scenes – Chapter 6

The Parking Department

When did you start working on the convention?

We started work in August 2018 with keymen and volunteers starting to be recruited a couple of months later.

What is your department responsible for?

The Parking Department oversees all parking facilities controlled by the convention and is responsible for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in the parking areas. This includes special assistance for infirm delegates transferring from buses, trains and the underground car park to Marvel Stadium.

Prior to the convention, the contract representative and committee designated a drop-off area near a convenient facility entrance for the disabled, elderly, and infirm. A convenient location is also selected for buses to drop off and pick up their passengers.

Basically, this breaks our department into 5 areas:

  • Local delegate bus drop-off and pick-up. This includes wheelchair transport service.
  • International delegate bus drop-off and pick-up.
  • Marvel Stadium underground passenger drop-off. This includes wheelchair transport service.
  • Marvel Stadium underground infirm parking. This includes wheelchair transport service.
  • Southern Cross Station to Marvel Stadium wheelchair transport service.

Yes, you read it right! Out of love for you dear brothers and sisters, a wheelchair transport service will be available. Please keep in mind that this is a courtesy service to get you to the stadium and back. The wheelchairs will not be for personal use. If you require a wheelchair during the day, you are free to bring your own to the convention.

How many are on your committee and how many volunteers will you be using?

The parking department is made up of 4 brothers in the committee, with 10 keymen helping them. Currently we have about 300 volunteers in the parking department, some of whom have only just arrived! Training for these volunteers has begun and we wholeheartedly appreciate the willingness of all our volunteers to help our department.

What experiences have shown you Jehovah’s hand in your work?

  • Jehovah makes the willing able. Many additional volunteers responded to the call which has enabled us to fully prepare to help all attending the convention without too many carrying the load.
  • The cooperation of the Marvel Parking Management and Event Management has been excellent, which is due to Jehovah’s spirit on his people and the great witness from the 2014 International Convention. Just one quote: “We had no problem last time; we are looking forward to working along with you again.”
  • Our experience with Southern Cross Station is also worth mentioning. Because of the wonderful impression that was left from the 2014 convention, the station has been amazing to deal with. Although they did not allow us much leeway last time, they are now very happy for us to care for our areas, however we like!

How are we coping?

Jehovah always provides what we need. Whether this is stronger faith, more reliance on him, laughter, food in our stomach or simply coffee meetups to discuss matters, Jehovah has provided us with an abundance of it all. What a privilege it is to be heavily involved in preparing our part of the 2019 Melbourne International Convention! We look forward to seeing you there.

Just as a final note, please make way for any wheelchair convoys. We are trying to lessen the bump toll for 2019. Also, to reiterate, no one can use the wheelchairs for personal use during the convention program. Thanks friends!