Behind The Scenes – Chapter 7

The Sign Department

As with all the other convention departments, a willing spirit has been very evident right from the start of preparations. The Sign Department comprises an overseer, two assistants, nine keymen and around 100 volunteers.

Everyone involved deems it a great privilege to work together in preparation for the Melbourne International Convention. After several meetings excitement is certainly building!

The Sign Department has the responsibility of preparing the signs that other Convention Departments require for the convention, as well those that the Hospitality Committee require for the International Delegates. Requisitions for signs have been received by the Sign Department for many months now. The types of signs requested have been varied, from general posters and banners for use around the convention venue to “Welcome”, “Attendants”, “Bus Pick-up” and “General Information”.

Each level of the stadium is divided into areas with a keyman and his team of volunteers installing the signs in the designated places.

The Sign Department will be responsible for organising more than 8,000 signs and will also be required to arrange the installation of these signs as required. The Hospitality Committee alone have requested approximately 20 banners & 500 signs!

During the convention week alone, some 100 volunteers will be installing over 6,000 signs around Marvel Stadium!

One example of the requested signs that you are sure to see is a large “” sign, which will be highly visible at Marvel Stadium. The parapet area on Level 3 will also be used to advertise the convention theme. Additionally, the TV monitors on the concourse of each level, will be utilized as signs which will greatly reduce the number of signs that need to be manufactured.

The volunteers are looking forward to having a share in the local production of the many signs, which will commence in September.

Of course, it is each volunteer’s love for Jehovah that has motivated them to have the same spirit as mentioned at Psalm 110:3 — “Your people will offer themselves willingly on the day of your military force”.

In fact, almost all who were initially asked to assist responded with a comment such as “Yes! What would you like me to do?” Some have even volunteered to make signs at the homes of brothers and want to help in any way possible. What a blessing to hear such comments and how encouraging it is for all involved!

With such a mammoth task underway, the Sign Department has been able to see Jehovah’s spirit in operation and how He is using the International Conventions to teach us to work together in peace, unity and most of all to display brotherly love. After all, “Love Never Fails!”