Behind The Scenes – Chapter 9

The Trucking & Equipment Department

The structure is made up of a Department Overseer with two Assistant Overseers. Each Overseer works closely with two or three other Keymen under their oversight. The Keymen recruit teams of spiritually and physically capable brothers and sisters who can follow all OH&S requirements necessary for the manual handling activities involved.

We began work as a department in August 2018. Essentially the whole purpose of the department is the collecting, packaging, labelling, and delivering of equipment & supplies into and out of Marvel Stadium. These supplies will be received from Melbourne, Sydney and China.

The Convention Departments we are assisting include:

  • Cleaning
  • Accounts
  • Signs
  • Parking
  • Baptism
  • Lost and Found
  • Stage
  • Information
  • Attendants
  • Hospitality
  • Convention Committee

The first step in August 2018 was to review the achievements & challenges encountered back at the 2014 International Convention. Out of that review came the following adjustments for 2019:

  • We have consolidated the storage operations at one location, being the Melbourne Assembly Hall, instead of three different locations in 2014. This will allow us greater efficiency in determining the make-up of each vehicle load.
  • We are using four, 12 metre (40’) shipping containers to supplement storage needs prior to the convention, then transporting three of the containers into the Stadium to reduce the number of additional trucks required.
  • We have streamlined the documentation showing:
    • What is at the Assembly Hall depot,
    • What is required by each Department,
    • Where at Marvel Stadium does the item need to be delivered,
    • Which container or truck will the item(s) travel on.
  • We have divided our assignment into three main areas of oversight:
    • Activities at the Melbourne Assembly Hall
    • Dedicated team liaising and assisting the Cleaning Department
    • Dedicated team liaising and assisting Departments other than Cleaning.

Jehovah’s hand has certainly been evident in negotiating prices on the shipping containers, forklift and packaging materials, with many suppliers giving us a discount because they have fond memories of the 2014 International Convention or are happy to be involved in this year’s International Convention.

It is indeed a privilege to play this behind the scenes role in assisting departments to have the goods and equipment necessary to effectively carry out their department’s assignment, which contributes to the smooth running of the Convention, all to our Heavenly Father’s praise and glory and proof that Love Never Fails!