Interstate Volunteers

Looking after a convention with 50,000 delegates is a large task that requires over 20,000 volunteers. That is well over the number of publishers in the whole state of Victoria.

For this reason those coming from interstate have been asked to lend a hand. Many have already ‘offered themselves willingly’ to help with the various features of the convention. — Ps. 110:3.

To assist the local brothers, three brothers from each state have been appointed as State Liaison teams to organise volunteers. South Australia is caring for Level 2 while NSW has been asked to care for Level 3.

These brothers will be caring for the following departments on those levels: Attendants, Cleaning, Accounts, Safety, and Lost & Found, while the Melbourne brothers will care for all other levels and departments. Each level is then divided into quadrants and a keyman oversees those areas.

Many of these departments have begun inviting volunteers to assist and have had a wonderful response. If you would like to help, ask your congregation elders if they know of a need. There is most likely a department overseer or keyman in your area who is searching for volunteers.

May Jehovah bless your willing spirit.