Download a Walking Tour that you can follow to important sites in Melbourne’s theocratic history.
1,800 brothers & sisters excitedly converged on Marvel Stadium on Sunday to clean in readiness for the Convention!
A few reminders on security arrangements & items that won't be allowed. Please read so there will be no surprises!
Not sure how you'll get to the Stadium? Find helpful information on Public Transport, Parking & Drop Offs here.
Our delegates will certainly feel the love when they arrive here in Melbourne! Click here to see some photos.
Reflecting Jehovah's high respect for life, this department has a big responsibility! Find out how you can help.
Will you be driving here in Melbourne? Trams? Hook turns?? Nervous??? Click here to watch some videos that will help!
The Baptism Department. What is involved in the preparation for this special day? A few hiccups & how Jehovah provided!
The Audio Video Department. How do you ensure 50,000 delegates hear the program clearly no matter where they're sitting?
Watch the Convention Reminders video that was featured on the Local Needs during the week of October 7th!
The Volunteer Department. This is not the traditional Volunteer Dept! Did you know we have a Volunteer App this year?
The Cleaning Department. With around 3,200 volunteers, read what's involved in managing this large department & how you can help.
Attending such a large event can present unique challenges to the elderly and infirm. What arrangements are in place?
The Trucking & Equipment Department. Did you know we need trucks, shipping containers, forklifts & packing materials for our convention?
The Rooming Department. Find out what's involved in securing suitable accommodation for over 35,000 International & Aussie delegates!
The Sign Department. How many signs do you think will be installed at Marvel during the convention week? Click here!
The Parking Department. Getting to the Stadium can be overwhelming for some. This department will make it easier for you!
Kids, would you like to help us create some colourful banners for our international delegates? Find some suggestions here!
The Information Department. Need to find a department at Marvel Stadium? Pharmacy? Taxi? Restaurant? This department can help!
The Installation Department. Installing what? Click here to find out and also what they have accomplished so far.
There is still a need for many volunteers at the convention. Can you assist?
Find out more information about this highlight of the spiritual program.
The Attendant Department. Read about their mammoth job & what's ahead. Find out how NSW & SA are helping!
The Hospitality Committee. A look at the exciting things being accomplished by the Committee & their Teams!
The Convention Committee. The first in a series of articles on the teams & committees working behind the scenes!
Introducing a new series of articles which will give you an exciting behind the scenes look at our MIC preparations.
Public transport planning for the convention.
A brief report on the efforts of the Rooming Department.
Alternative luggage storage arrangements.
Discount rate for convention delegates!
The entire program will be presented in Auslan!
Parents rooms and pram parking arrangements.
NSW and SA assisting with convention preparations!
A spirit of unity evident as preparations for the 2019 International Convention continue.
An exciting visit for all departments to the convention site. Get a look behind the scenes!
This article answers some questions around recent direction on rooming, together with a helpful whiteboard animation.
Am I able to book accommodation yet? Click here to find out!
Is the Convention Logo available for general use? Click here to find out!
On the 13th October, over 700 elders from the greater Melbourne area gathered at the Melbourne Assembly Hall!
On the 15th of September, the Convention & Hospitality Committees held their first official MIC meeting.
An insight into the different languages that will be catered for at the convention for local & international delegates.