Loving Arrangements For The Elderly & Infirm

Proverbs 16:31 appropriately states that Gray hair is a crown of beauty when it is found in the way of righteousness. We truly value our faithful older ones in the congregation. Attending such a large event can present unique challenges to the elderly and infirm. If this is the case for you, please be assured that loving arrangements are in place to assist you as you attend the 2019 ‘Love Never Fails’ International Convention in Melbourne. 

Wheelchair Access

Those bringing a wheelchair can use the spaces set aside at the back of many seating bays.

Transport Service: If you are arriving by train, car or coach, and have difficulty walking, brothers and sisters will be on hand with wheelchairs to take you to the entrance to Marvel Stadium. Please note that you will not be able to use these wheelchairs inside the stadium, unless you have brought your own. From the entry, Attendants will be able to direct you to several seating areas designated for the elderly and infirm. 

Wheelchair attendants will be on-hand at:

  • Southern Cross Station 
  • Infirm car parking area in the basement
  • La Trobe Street coach drop-off area

Please note that these willing brothers and sisters will also be available to assist you as you leave the venue following the convention. 


Areas designated for the elderly and infirm include: 

  • The top 7 rows of level one. Enter from any gate to access these seats. The only steps you will encounter are those that lead to each of the 7 rows of seating, beginning at ground level.   
  • The Victory function room (between gates 8 and 9) or the Locker Room bar (at gate 2). You will have the option to bring your own chair to these rooms, should you require it.
  • Those bringing a wheelchair can use the spaces set aside at the back of many seating bays.

Hard of Hearing

Finally, for those hard-of-hearing who would benefit from being able to listen to the program via an FM radio, the frequency for the convention is 99.7. Please note that no radios will be supplied at the convention, therefore we encourage you to bring your own. 

We pray that Jehovah richly blesses your efforts as you prepare to attend the 2019 International Convention in Melbourne.