Preparations Begin! – The First Meeting With Department Overseers

On the 15th of September, brothers from the Convention Committee and a delegation from the Hospitality Committee held their first official meeting at the Melton Assembly Hall with the department overseers and their assistants.

To begin, a member of the Convention Committee shared some fine spiritual thoughts and discussed the massive task ahead, followed by another member who reflected on the enormous privilege it was for our brothers in Melbourne to host another International Convention.

The various Committee members then shared what had been accomplished so far in their preparations and took questions from those present regarding the needs of the different departments.

Some items that were discussed:

  • Many contracts to supply hotel rooms have been agreed upon
  • Contracts to supply sound to the auditorium have been finalised
  • Some overseers have already met with their oversight teams to discuss needs
  • The Melbourne International Convention website that will provide news, tourist, rooming & other information is nearing completion
  • Online systems are being made available to help the overseers and their volunteers in their roles
  • Materials from the 2014 International Convention are being re-utilised to save on expenses
  • Interstate brothers will be called upon to assist the local brothers in caring for convention assignments

The Hospitality Committee then presented a progress update on the current plans in place for the international delegates; arrangements for tours, hotel desks and evening gatherings.  The brothers have clearly been working  very hard in preparing for the 5000+ international visitors.

It is obvious that Jehovah is supporting the work. The tell-tale marks of his Holy Spirit – unity and willing cooperation – are truly making for a great start to our convention preparations! Our brothers are putting their full trust in Jehovah, despite the enormity of the work ahead.

We eagerly look forward to bringing you more information as we move closer to our 2019 ‘Love Never Fails!’ International Convention.  The willing spirit of the many brothers & sisters involved in making this Convention a success are all bringing much glory to our Heavenly Father Jehovah God! — 2 Tim. 4:22.

Your brothers,

2019 Melbourne International Convention Committee