Prohibited Items & Security Arrangements at Marvel Stadium

Our yearly conventions are wonderful opportunities to enjoy spiritual association and instruction along with our brothers and sisters.

Given the larger nature of an International Convention, we would like to remind all delegates from Australia and overseas of the security arrangements & requirements at Marvel Stadium.

Every time we enter the stadium, all bags will be checked by security staff. If a bag cannot fit under a seat, it will likely be rejected. For this reason, we encourage you to only bring into the stadium what is necessary.

Avoid very large bags, coolers and eskies. Prams, walkers, seats for the elderly and infirm, along with wheelchairs are exceptions to this requirement, and can be parked in designated areas within the venue.

Please note that prohibited items also include cans and glass containers, but thermoses are permitted.

To allow for the additional time it may take to enter the stadium as people and bags are checked, gates will open at 7:30 AM for all delegates.

Of course, large events such as our international conventions can also attract unwanted attention from those who oppose our beliefs. Even so, we are mindful of the Scriptural direction to be “peaceable with all men.” (Romans 12:18) Our focus is toward the positive and encouraging opportunity that international conventions afford us!