The Stadium Spring-Clean!

Eighteen hundred brothers and sisters excitedly converged on Marvel Stadium yesterday to clean. They ‘rolled up their sleeves’ and worked hard to make the stadium as presentable as possible.

The stadium has been transformed – from a concert and sporting venue – into a suitable place to praise Jehovah God! It is prepared in readiness for the opening day of the Melbourne International ‘Love Never Fails’! Convention.

Your Seat Has Been Prepared For You

Many families delighted in working together at the stadium. Jobs done by the volunteers included cleaning and repairs on the stadium’s 55,000 seats. There were 35 in the team of expert window cleaners – unsurprisingly mostly regular pioneers! Floors were swept and scrubbed, and tabletops cleaned and ready for coffee and conversation!

Screens & Speakers

Extra speakers and screens will be strategically placed around the stadium so that all eyes and ears can see and hear what Jehovah ‘has prepared for those who love him.’ – 1 Cor. 2:9.

We are ‘ready and waiting’ to meet you on Friday at Marvel Stadium!