Volunteer At The 2019 Melbourne International Convention!

Psalms 110:3 tells us that Jehovah’s people “will offer themselves willingly”.  This has certainly been the case throughout the centuries down to our day. The upcoming 2019 Melbourne International Convention provides you with another opportunity to show our love and appreciation for Jehovah and the brotherhood, by willingly volunteering to assist in one of the many convention departments. Is there a need for volunteers at the convention and if so, how can you volunteer? The following points will help to answer these questions.

Is there a need for volunteers?

Stadium Pre-clean 2014

Yes, thousands of volunteers are needed to help the convention run smoothly so all can benefit from the spiritual banquet being provided. Large departments are always in need of willing volunteers. As an example, the Cleaning department alone needs thousands of volunteers to help care for the entire stadium and the Attendant department needs thousands of spiritually qualified men to care for the 50,000 in attendance. 

Can you volunteer in a convention department if you are already helping with the International delegates in the lead up to the convention and after?

Yes, willing volunteers are needed during the 3 days of the convention. Many are busy caring for our dear international delegates around the 3 days of the convention, but are available during the convention itself. If this is true in your case, can you make yourself available to assist in a department during the convention? The overseers will be more than happy to work along with your busy schedule. Plus, the convention is the main event and the reason our delegates are travelling to Melbourne, so let’s help to make the spiritual program the highlight of their visit.

Can you volunteer in multiple departments?

If your schedules allows, it is possible to volunteer in multiple departments. In fact, this will be needed to make sure all of the assignments are cared for. Please give prayerful thought as to whether you could “multi-task” at the convention. If you are able to volunteer in multiple departments, please keep the relevant department overseers informed as to your availability so they can make sure your assignments do not overlap. 

Is it possible to volunteer if you live outside of Victoria?

Yes, both South Australia and New South Wales have each been designated an entire level of the stadium to care for and each foreign language section will have their own assignments, under the direction of the Victorian department overseer. This means that your help is much needed!

Is previous experience necessary?

No. While there are a few roles that require previous experience or knowledge, the far majority do not. What truly matters is your spirituality. Along with spirituality, if you have a willing spirit, the overseers will happily provide any needed training.

How do you volunteer?

First, please speak to your local elders to indicate your willingness to volunteer. Inform them of any previous experience you may have in serving in one of the convention departments, along with your availability. If approved, your service committee will then pass your details on to the local contact who will advise you of your role at the convention. Training and information will then be provided by your overseer.

Online Induction

Romans 13:1 tells us that God’s people will be “in subjection to the superior authorities”. This principle is vital for all those volunteering at the convention in any capacity. For this years convention, the secular authorities — Marvel Stadium — require anyone volunteering in and around the stadium to complete an online induction.  This includes anyone joining in the pre-clean of the stadium.  

How do you complete your induction?

All volunteers will be entered in a volunteer database for which you will be given a login. An email will be sent to you requesting that you complete the induction. You can access the online induction here.

The induction only takes 10-15 minutes to complete and takes you through important safety reminders along with stadium policy. Once the induction has been completed, you are provided with a certificate that you will need to have with you while volunteering. The certificate can be either printed or stored on a mobile device to show when necessary.

If you haven’t completed the induction or don’t have this certificate, you will not be able to volunteer until you have this evidence of completion.

Please be assured that your fine efforts to not only attend but to add to this great spiritual event by volunteering, is truly appreciated. You can be sure that Jehovah will bless your self-sacrificing efforts and by doing so, will make Jehovah rejoice. — Zeph. 3:17.